5 essential elements of story-driven, brand-building content (with examples!)


Consistency is vital in every aspect of content and storytelling. From consistent look and feel, to consistent messaging and tone of voice, all the way down to consistent timing and cadence of social posts, consistency must run through every aspect of what you create.

Who’s Doing It Well?

Netflix’s Strong Black Lead


Otherwise known as audience-centricity. Great story-driven content is all about them — not you. What drives your audience? What problems are they facing that your business solves? What are your audience’s biggest pain points? What are the biggest obstacles that keep them from getting where they are to where they want to be? Customer-centric, story-driven content is presented in a way that addresses their needs without jamming branding and product mentions in their face. It creates genuine connection with your audience because it is truly focused on them.

Who’s Doing It Well?

Smead’s Keeping You Organized Podcast


A clear tone and point of view is vital for content that truly builds Brand. Think of a Brand as a person. It should have a personality, a voice, and a perspective. Similarly, great brand content should illustrate those things. Now, that may be easy if your brand is related to a cause or a movement. But not everything necessarily lends itself a POV, right? I beg to differ. No matter what your product or service, your content can provide a sense of personality.

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Oxford defines calling as “a strong urge toward a particular way of life.” What is your calling? What inspired you to get into this business in the first place? Great content should answer those questions. Countless studies, including this one produced by leading communications firm Edelman, have shown that the strongest most enduring Brands have a clear purpose. Customers are increasingly demanding that their Brands of choice be purpose-driven. That means it’s not a luxury to show purpose, it is now a necessity. Story-driven content is a perfect opportunity to bring your Brand calling and purpose to the forefront.

Who’s Doing it Well?


Cultural Relevance

Even the best content on the surface will fall flat without the context of culture. Cultural relevance helps grow lasting Brands by reflecting an understanding of where your business fits into the larger cultural and societal conversation. When done very well, culturally relevant content leverages trends and connects to audiences by being exceptionally relevant and poignant.

Who’s Doing It Well?




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